Weekend School

Pre. School – High school
Saturdays and Sundays 10 am to 1 pm
Tawfiq Islamic Center

The mission of the TIC Weekend School is to provide
a broad knowledge on Islamic education and
teach Islamic concepts/practices in the light of
the Quran and Sunnah.

The curriculum covers Quran memorization and recitation, Arabic, and Islamic studies such as fiqh, tawheed, hadith and seerah. Primarily taught using oromo language.
The weekend school administration has been transformed and is now running under a different system and director. The weekend school administration includes the Director, Teachers and a Counselor all committed to your childs Islamic Education!
The children in Weekend Islamic Studies Program learn Islamic Knowledge in a friendly environment of the mosque with the aim of preparing them to conduct themselves as Muslims living in a non-Islamic society.
It is important that the parents of students are involved in their child’s Islamic Education by implementing the teachings of Islam in their household and their daily lives as well as encouraging and helping their children to learn, study, and complete lessons at home through out the week.

Steps to Enroll your child:

1. Register your child in the begining of any month. To register you can come to the masjid during weekend school hours to get the paperwork or you can call the director Farhan for more information at 763-568-8683. Registration includes filling out paperwork, providing contact information, emergency contact information, providing information on your childs history of Islamic Education and your child taking a test to asses their level of study.

2. Pay in full the first months Registration fee of $50 for one student and $100 for 2 or more students

3. Pay in full the first months tuition

4. Find out what materials and books are needed for your child’s classes.


Our tuition is based on how many children from your household will attend weekend school

$30 For 1 child to attend weekend school

$60 for 2 children to attend weekend school

$80 for 3 children to attend weekend school

$100 for 4 or more children to attend weekend school

These rates are for children that are in the same family and living in the same household.

Tuition is charged monthly. You must pay in advance for the next months classes. Those families who may not be able to afford the monthly payments may qualify for reduced fees or fee waivers or scholarships. Please inquire about this at the time of registration.

Refunds will not be given after the 15th of the month.

Checks and debit / credit cards are accepted.

Books and Supplies:

Curriculum will be provided by instructors, and students are required to purchase books assigned for the grade level. All students should bring their classroom supplies (notebooks, pencils, paper, & pocket folders) to each class and they are responsible for their own belongings.





Farhan Abdullahi 763-568-8683


(lower level of the masjid)

Manager Muyadin 952-688-3820